Clearing out bike parts – and spare parts for sale

I am currently going through a five year plan of clearing out my stuff. I have sold a lot of books on Ziffit. I have put five skinsuits in the loft and managed to throw away one. It’s amazing how you can accumulate skinsuits. They cost a lot of money but have no re-sell value (especially when the lyrca gets stretched). I don’t want to discard them because I hope to use them again, but who knows when?

The problem with taking a zen approach to your stuff is that with cycling stuff, it is easy to accumulate and difficult to throw away. I’m sure all cyclists can relate to keeping various odd bits in different parts of the house and not knowing when they will come in. You keep just in case and then forget their purpose.

In my loft, I couldn’t believe how many varieties of aero bottles I have lying around. That’s the problem with time trialling, there’s always watts to be saved by splashing some cash. I’m kind of relieved to be off the aero gains money-train. I also always seem to excel in collecting one single glove. I had about 4 right handed gloves with no pair.


I also found a UCI legal Trek Speed Concept Aerobar and fork. I only ever used these for one race – the 2015 British Time Trial Championship. In one sense, it was extravagant the cost was very high (included British Cycling Membership at £80) However, it’s one of those things that I’m glad I did. The economist in me, may say it is not rational to spend £500+ to take part in one race (I guess I imagined doing more UCI races), but now I have no regrets that I took part. Some moments come and go. Once missed you can never repeat.

If there is any point to this post, don’t miss out on great cycling events. I hope you don’t have to go through the rigmarole and expense of getting a bike UCI fit as I did. But, for example, national hill climb championship at £35 is a bargain for the experience.

On a more serious note, I’m trying to recoup a little of that initial outlay, so if you’ve ever wanted a gen 1, Trek Speed concept, UCI legal fork and basebar – it’s your lucky day!


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