Air Pollution over the Yorkshire Dales



Yesterday, I cycled out to Arncliffe. There was a strange fog of pollution, hanging over the Yorkshire Dales. They say it is partly dust from the Sahara, but I fear man made pollution could be making this a lot more common. Can you imagine living in a place, where it was always like this?

A very good reason for more people to cycle and leave the diesel car at home…

I went out to do a 55 mile ride, I got a runny nose, like the start of the hayfever season.


This climb to Arncliffe is always deserted. A nice cycling road, though the climb is pretty steep.


On the brighter side of lifeĀ  – the Old Hall Inn in Threshfield is ready to welcome the “Grand Depart”

My favourite sign to welcome the Tour de France in Yorkshire was at a pub near Arthington. It just said

“Big Cycle Race coming to Arthington”

In Yorkshire, le Tour becomes the ‘Big Cycle Race” who need French words when ‘Big Cycle Race’ conveys everything.


It’s not just pubs and restaurants getting ready for the Tour. God’s own county’s knitters are also gearing up. I’m not sure whether that is a crash helmet or a one piece lycra suit like domestic TT’s used in the 1980s.

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