10 things that annoy the cyclist

A random selection of 10 things that can make life difficult for cycling on the roads.

1. Mobile phone user

You better not be using a mobile phone when you get to end of road

Last Saturday, I was feeling in a good mood, so pulled over to let a van drive on a narrow road passed many parked cars. He was driving on wrong side of road, but, sometimes it’s good to give way. After waiting for him to pass down the wrong side of the road, I looked into the van to see if he might acknowledge my action. I’m not desperate for thanks, but a brief wave is a nice gesture. Alas, the driver was completely oblivious of my presence on the road, being more interested in his mobile phone call. It’s probably a good job I did wait on the pavement as he had no concentration on the road.

2. The slam dunk



Another thing that annoy me is when a car overtakes you and then turns left (or slams on the brakes going down hill) You have to be pretty alert for things like that. Bicycle brakes are not always as powerful as advanced car brakes.

3. The cycle path to nowhere

This cycle path could easily be continued straight on. Instead you’re force onto a road with cars coming off a dual carriageway roundabout at over 30mph.cycle-paths-to-nowhere


Integrated transport is a buzzword rarely applied to British cycle paths.

4. Give us room


When big vehicles get too close breathing down your back, tailgating is the technical term. Give us space to brake

5. Passing too close



This happens everyday, all the time. It’s worse when the vehicle is fast moving and large. What happens if the cyclist needs to swerve to avoid a pothole?

6. The Cyclo cross cycle path



I like Cyclo cross as much as the next mud lover, but when I’m on my racing tyres bike, I don’t want to have to go cross country. (This ‘cycle path’ is at the bottom of a 30mph hill)

7. Getting on your bicycle to find your saddle is missing.

Nice flip flops

True, we can’t really blame the motorist for this. The secret is to always remember the saddle is not there. I hear Carlos Riise once did a 50 mile TT with no saddle after leaving it the Shetland Islands on the way to a race in Scotland. But, this is not advised, unless you are wearing a kilt.


8.  The cycle path which lasts 50m

This cycle path in Botley, Oxford is OK. Except every 50 metres you have to give way to cars turning onto the main road. I prefer to take my chances on the main roadcycle-path-botley

9.  Pollution


Pollution on the roads. Note the incredible narrow path to the left of the road furniture. Just a bit too narrow to comfortable cycle down.

10. Traffic calming too narrow for car and bike.

traffic-calming-too-narrowIf you designed traffic calming measures, I wish planners would think about creating cycle lanes. Here cyclist and car try to squeeze through narrow traffic calming measure.


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  1. Ahhh No 6 I know it well, I remember the first time I saw it, hurtling down the hill at 30mph+ and wondered if it was a bike handling skills test in disguise 😀 It is so ridiculous it made me laugh out loud, I don’t know why they bothered!


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