Steve Abraham and record monthly mileage

I somehow managed to cycle 1200 miles in January. I don’t ever remember doing a long ride – but a lot of 60 mile rides seem to add up. It’s a personal record for January and nearly an all time monthly record ever. So, secretly, I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. Winter miles in the bank is always a good thing for a long distance cyclist.


But, there’s always someone better than you, and in terms of January monthly mileage, Steven Abraham isn’t so much as a little bit better, but in another league of his own. Steve has managed well over 5,000 miles for January and is currently averaging 185 miles a day, roughly at an average speed of 16mph. Riding from 5.30am to 6-7pm later in the day, Abraham is managing 13 hour days on freezing British roads. When the temperature gets down to -8 degrees, my philosophy is to do an hour on the rollers. Steve Abraham will be riding along, frozen water bottles and all. A Tweet from Steve’s site says succinctly:

“Down to minus 8 this morning. Turning at Cirencester Ice finally starting to melt at midday both bottles still frozen,”

But, it sounds as if sub-zero temperatures are not going to stop Abraham in his quest to notch up a record annual mileage.

“Abraham will just about concede that he’s known for his ability to withstand pain – he once tried to get his own wisdom tooth out with a screwdriver, because he didn’t want to miss a time trial the next day – but what he will not do is admit to the magnitude of this undertaking.”

There’s a good article in the Guardian here. – longest distance in year

In 1939, the legendary Tommy Godwin rode 75,065 miles. A record that has remained unchallenged until 2015.

By the way, across the Atlantic ,another American cyclists has decided to throw his hat into the ring and compete for the longest distance cycled in a year. I don’t know anything about Kurt “Tarzan” Searvogel but I’m wondering if “Tarzan” has the same unassuming, modest demeanour of our Steven Abraham.

I know I will be wishing Steven the very best of luck, whilst I do an hour on my rollers this afternoon.

You can follow Steven at One Year Time Trial


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