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Last September I had in mind to write a blog “I love intervals” I had just done a few intervals around Oxford. Short, small hills within the Oxford Ring Road. I even got a KOM on a hill up to a cul-de-sac in Iffley. It took 50 seconds, with an average gradient of 4% – that kind of hill. but It was really great fun to make some ‘big’ efforts.

Alas, I never got around to writing that post because, for the next few months, I paid for this tentative dip back into the hill climb world. I’ve been nursing an old injury. I think it’s an SI joint. I’ve watched a 100 YouTube videos, saying “Do this Stretch it will FIX SI PAIN” etc. but nothing seems to make any difference.  I’ve had the same issue for seven years now. I think it was separate but related to the hip impingement. I fixed the hip, but not the SI joint (lower back)


So after seven years of constant effort to find a cure, you realise it’s probably not going to happen. Recently, I went up in the loft and saw three excellent bikes, which look rather forlorn. I don’t want to add up the total original cost of the three bikes sitting in the loft, but it dawns on me it is a little extravagant to keep three bikes, rarely used. I also have many lightweight wheels, which as a hill climber you tend to accumulate – Zipp 404’s and a “Lightweight front wheel – weighing around 300 grams or something ridiculous.

The problem is that they are all rim brake bikes and this makes the bikes very last millenium. I imagine the resale price of tubular rim brake wheels and rim braked bikes has plummeted. I’d like to sell, but you are resistant to sell when you need to accept a huge discount from the original bike. There’s always part of you thinks. “But, if I sell all my best bikes, I’m bound to get better and then I’ll need to buy new ones!” I have a zen-like attitude to personal possessions – I love selling on ebay or giving to charity shops, but with bikes there is a degree of attachment. Funny I have no attachment to my turbo trainer. (see below)

In 2013, the Trek Madone (the bike I used in 2013 National HC) was I believe top of the range, but now manual shifting and rim brakes – show how quickly the bike industry has moved on. The bike industry are very good at creating the old adage “There’s always a better bike to buy!”

Kirkstone Pass 2023

When I was racing, my dream hill for the national hill climb was Kirkstone Pass, the Struggle. Mainly for selfish reasons, it would have been an ideal hill for me. But, it was great to see the event as strong as ever held on closed roads on Kirkstone Pass in 2023.

Turbo Trainers


Remember the days of spending 30 minutes on a turbo in the garage? I never tried the modern-day video game versions. People seem to spend much longer on Zwift and the like. I always found turbo trainers intensely boring and time moved slowly. You had to be super-motivated to do 30 minutes or even an hour. Does anyone still use static turbo trainers? I tried to sell it on gumtree for £5, but I got no takers, so now I’m giving it away for free.

The Trek Madonne is theoretically a deluxe winter training bike. The problem is I never do any winter training these days.


The irony is that I have three great bikes, but I spend all my time on an old winter hack, which I’ve had for getting on 25 years. I’m tempted to consider a disk-brake commuting bike to see what all the fuss is. But, whenever I think of buying a new commuting bike – I’m always stuck in that conundrum, taht given the risk of bike theft in the centre of Oxford – why chance it with a better bike?

Also, I’m selling my Scicon Travel bag. It’s very good. You can read the review here

It’s available on Gumtree here. £90 ONO


It’s not all doom and gloom, I still really enjoy cycling 10-15 miles a day around Oxford – there is a wonderful bike path. It’s enough to keep fit and happy.


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  1. Put your bikes on eBay as there may be many parents of keen young cyclists looking for an entry point into serious riding. It’s a way of helping the next generation get into more niche cycling disciplines?

  2. Hello Tejvan, I have an old school trainer I use for training in the winter with no zwift! Instead I stick YouTube videos about cycling on a tablet, it’s much better and time seems to go past fine especially when doing intervals


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