A traffic jam of cyclists


I’m impressed at the patience of these Oxford cyclists in rush hour. Who says the British can’t still queue?

I have to admit I would have a temptation to sprint along the inside and then sprint away from the lights. But, when everyone is so well behaved it wouldn’t feel right to spoil the good natured patience. I tend to avoid the ‘cycling queue’ by going straight on and turning right later on. Definitely, when you see people acting courteously it influences other people to do the same. Similarly when some start flouting the laws it has a big influence on other people.


Right hand lane waiting for lights to change. Left hand lane is straight on up the high street.


The only problem with this feeder lane is that cyclists are coming up the middle between two lanes of traffic. But, at least the traffic is usually slow moving around here. (20mph speed limit, which isn’t exceeded by too much)


This is a dangerous possibility. The huge and very long London Tube bus was wanting to get in the left hand lane, but cyclists were squeezing through on the inside (along the dotted cycle lane). It’s not clear who has right of way or who should give way in this situation. Eventually the bus driver got frustrated with waiting and started beeping his horn, hoping some cyclists would stop allowing him to get in left hand lane. But, if one cyclist goes on the inside, other people often follow suit. (same principle with car drivers overtaking¬† on the wrong side of road)


Nice views on morning commute


Buses overtaking, watch for potholes.


Waiting at Broad street lights


On your marks,


Get set




Nice red socks


nice red scarfoffice-boy-fyTie and helmetcrossingA busy crossroads with cyclists over 50% of the traffic.3-cyccycliststraffic-jam

Another old favourite queuing photo.


2 thoughts on “A traffic jam of cyclists”

  1. I just love to see cyclists making steady progress into the city. Keeping fit, kick-starting their day, in charge of their progress through the streets, not having to be seated next to a stranger on a bus and not sat frustrated in a traffic jam.

    Thanks. wonderful pictures that captured it all.


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