Free Speed for Sale

I spent a lot of time in trying to improve aerodynamics. As well as spending a lot of time, I spent a lot of money.

It was kind of a mildly irritating phenomena that it was easier to go faster by buying aero equipement rather than training hard or reverse engineering your genetic makeup. Still, it was great feeling to go fast. Here’s an opportunity to get some speed at big discount on RRP.

I’ve put a few things on ebay.

These are also two things, I’m not selling on ebay and you can make an offer to buy from me directly.

Aerocoach socks – size small £20 – free P&P



Giro Selector TT helmet – £50 free P&P


The thing that used to amuse me is that manufacturers would always state, if you bought X, you would go 5-10 watts quicker. If you add it up, you should be up to 400+ watts and national champion, but it never seemed to work like that. But, no question aerodynamics does make you go faster.

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