DHB race cape

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking – how to do a race when very heavy rain is forecast. For example, this years Circuit of the Dales was running off in torrential rain. Fortunately I was on holiday in New York so I missed this edition, but I think I would have really struggled. I get cold when it’s dry – when it’s wet, there’s only so long I can stay warm.

The problem with time trials is that you need your race number showing, so you could put a waterproof cape under your skinsuit. Whether this would work I don’t know. But, I’ve got a race cape for the eventuality.

This DHB Race cape is only £24.99 (I got sent free for review)

race-capeI chose a size small because I’m thinking of wearing under skin suit. It is quite short, and a little bit baggy given that it is size small (though I do have ultra thin 30″ waist. If I was wearing over top of jersey, like most riders, it would be a little short on the tail. But, that for me is not a problem, I’m not too worried about getting wet lower down. In reviews which are generally good, many others seem to say it is a little on short side

The translucent race cape means in theory, you can see club colours and number underneath. But in practise when you’re whizzing past it is hard to see and any timekeeper definitely won’t see the number

Since I got it a month ago, it is has been relatively dry, but I did wear it on a drizzly day and it kept quite dry, with reasonable waterproofness. It is definitely a step up from just a nylon ‘windproof jacket’

It is very breathable and can be worn with minimal discomfort. It is also small and can be packed up into back pocket – no problem.

It has a large collar, which is designed to stop water dribbling down your back. I’m not convinced this is necessary, and would probably prefer without, but for most riding situations, it is extra water protection.


  • Altura Night Vision Flite – I’m a big fan of this waterproof – at least when I can get zip to work.
  • I used to have an Altura race cape, but it disappeared after many years work. It did a fine job.

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