DHB Peaked Winter Cycling Cap

My winter riding consists of a 10 mile hilly commute in all weathers and long training rides at the weekends, so I bought this cap hoping for something that would do a job in all kinds of weather. I often start my commute with a downhill section, so it takes me ages to warm up – for that reason I was a bit dubious when I saw that this hat is much more lightweight than the thermal/fleece caps I’ve used before on winter rides. Would it be warm enough?
dhb cap
In use, it’s proved pretty good right down to 4-5 degree temperatures. Below that, I stick a buff or thermal cap under it and still benefit from the windproofing and handy peak of the DHB cap.
On it’s own, this cap is on the large side for me – the phrase “one size fits all” is rarely true and while my head is small enough to save me money on helmets (I can buy the junior ones) it does mean that this cap is too loose to wear on it’s own. Under a helmet, with the cap set back on my head to prevent the peak coming too far over my face, it’s perfect.
The windproof panel covers the mid section of the scalp from front to back and does a good job keeping out both wind and light rain on long rides. That windproofing makes this cap surprisingly warm for its weight and it still breathes as well as I need it to. The peak is designed to be flipped down or up, depending on whether you’re keeping the driving rain out of your face while riding into a headwind or sitting up to enjoy the view. Once flipped, the peak stays either up or down until I flip it back, and now I’ve got the hang of positioning the cap just right under my helmet it gives me as much rain protection for my face as I need while still letting me see the road.
The lighter panels of mesh fabric over the ears are also warmer than they look and it’s only on the coldest days that I need an extra layer to keep my head warm. If you start your ride in cold or wet weather then warm up, these side panels can be folded up inside the cap to leave your ears uncovered.
Verdict – good fabric and a good, functional design for all weathers – but check that it fits you well before buying, especially if you ride without a helmet.

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