Cycling to exams in the heat

It is 30 degrees plus here in Oxford. It is also exam season with many students making their way to exams on the High Street. Some cycle in sub-fusc to save a few minutes for extra revision. I always remember cycling to exams. Walking from LMH was too far.

texting on bike

Last minute revision or getting a good luck text?


Good to see Oxford Professor’s on their bicycles, but I don’t know what Drag2Zero would make of those cycling clothes.

oxford studentyoung, old and students.

High Street

Queens Lane, at least buses are not allowed down here.

A low speed swerve. 

Early morning heat.

Sometimes you snatch fragments of conversations from passing students. “I hope translation question doesn’t come up. If translation comes up, I’m stuffed!”

Huge traffic jams meant the bus traffic was anything but quick.

It’s quicker by bike.

M&S bag for signalling right.

Broad Street.

Cycling away from exams.

All sorts.


Pink carnation for an exam in the middle.

Turning right.

A rare cyclist with a helmet.


You can’t really see, but this student is holding mortar board in hand.

You’re not allowed to wear your mortar board until after you pass exams, but you have to take it with you.

Not sure I recommend this mode of travel.

Turning right.

High Street.


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6 thoughts on “Cycling to exams in the heat”

  1. What do make of the norm not to wear a helmet? Not about should or shouldn’t but more so the factors influencing behaviour and any inferences or that might be made.

    • I think it’s because students cycling one mile to exams, think of themselves more like a pedestrian who gets on a bicycle. Less like someone making a serious ‘vehicular’ journey.

  2. Nice photos, really captures the ambience well. I think you’ve inspired me to take a ride from High Wycombe over to Oxford tomorrow evening.

  3. I was thinking about the lack of helmets on the cyclists. One chain of thought is that motorists give more room to non helmet wearers as they are perceived as more vulnerable. I’d personally not like to put that to the test though.


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