Bowden Hill

Last Saturday was Bowden Hill climb organised by Chippenham Wheelers. It was raining all day. I think it had been raining for 3 days solid, though it is easy to forget exactly how many days.

It is not a climb I have done before. Even in the murk and grey, wet skies, Laycock and Bowden Hill seemed an attractive part of the world. In better weather, I may have gone for a longer rider after. But, as it was, after finishing and descending the hill, I was pretty cold so I didn’t hang around.

The climb was OK, I had problems with some sprocket so my gears were slipping at an awkward moment. I don’t think it affects time too much, but it does affect the momentum and you are left feeling you could have done better.

My average power was 400 watts, quite a bit less than previous power outputs for 4 to 5 minute (maybe because the hill wasn’t that steep 6.6% average).

Form was good last Sun and Mon, but then dipped on Wed. Let’s hope it goes back up this week.

I still enjoyed getting out despite the rain and cold.

Rear light woe

These days rear lights are required for racing in CTT events. On a murky day like Sat, you can understand why the rule was brought in. On the startline, there seemed to be a lot of equipment failure, with rear lights not working (perhaps the rain was playing a part, though it shouldn’t) and I heard quite a few last minute requests to borrow a rear light.

I think you will never regret bringing spare clip on rear light to the start of a race. My light just about lasted the race. I thought it wasn’t working properly when it kept fading away this week, but then I realised I had been trying to recharge the USB the wrong way around! Now I’ve charged it with the right side facing up, it’s good to last a long time!

Power and speed

  • Distance – 1.2 mi
  • Elevation – 124 m
  • Max Grade – 14.8%
  • Avg Grade – 6.6%
  • KOM: 4.15
  • VAM: 1,759

Ride with GPS

Bowden Hill UHC80

Strava – Hill climb course Bowden Hill UHC80

2020 Results

PositionFirst NameLast NameGenderCategoryClubPrecise Time
2RichardGildeaMaleSeniorDidcot Phoenix CC04:34.8
3FrazierCarrMaleSeniorSPIRIT TIFOSI RT04:39.0
4TejvanPettingerMaleVetSri Chinmoy Cycling Team04:41.0
5CarlJollyMaleEspoirUniversity of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC)04:42.5
6JacquesCoatesMaleEspoirTeam PB Performance04:44.8
7OscarHutchingsMaleSeniorTeam Tor 2000 | KALAS04:46.4
8CharlieLacailleMaleEspoirUniversity of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC)05:00.8
9GlyndwrGriffithsMaleVet73 Degrees Bicycles, WestSide Coaching rt05:01.2
10SteveThomasMaleVetBristol Road Club05:03.2
11MattMelvilleMaleVetCycle Club Basingstoke05:03.5
12JamesBevanMaleSeniorArmy Cycling05:05.3
13ConnahTowersMaleSeniorArmy Cycling05:12.5
14AndrewMetherellMaleVetSalt and Sham Cycle Club05:15.8
15HarryChamberlainMaleSeniorBynea Cycling Club05:17.6
16ThomasHallMaleSeniorBristol South Cycling Club05:20.0
17MadeleineHeywoodFemaleSeniorLea Valley CC05:32.1
18EdwardArnoldMaleSeniorStroud Valley Velos05:37.3
20BexyDewFemaleSeniorArmy Cycling05:38.6
21TavisWalkerMaleVetRogue Racing05:41.1
22RichardBennettMaleSeniorBristol South Cycling Club05:43.3
24BenWatkinsonMaleSeniorAudax UK05:49.3
25LukeBrowneMaleSeniorBS10 Cycling Club05:54.2
26ElizabethSandersFemaleSeniorAvid Sport05:58.2
27DavidEnglishMaleVetChippenham & District Wheelers06:08.5
28NeilDuffinMaleSeniorWiltshire Police Cycling Team06:14.2
29JonWigginsMaleSeniorPDQ Cycle Coaching06:14.8
30MarcAllenMaleVetSwindon Road Club06:18.2
31RichardEmeryMaleVetSevern Road Club06:48.2
32SashaSmithFemaleVetFTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing06:49.8
33CharlieBirdMaleSeniorRogue Racing06:53.0
34NicoleCorinFemaleSeniorRogue Racing06:54.2
35VivienneTomlinFemaleVetCC London07:07.4
36StuartWelchMaleSeniorWiltshire Police Cycling Team07:22.2
37FrancescaDerry-EvansFemaleSeniorRogue Racing07:43.8
38PaulWinchcombeMaleVetChippenham & District Wheelers08:00.8
39HelenGrayFemaleVetRogue Racing08:18.7

Cycling Time Trials results

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