BDCA 50 mile TT and Competition record

Saturday 28th June 2014 was the BDCA 50 mile TT. Matt Bottrill (Drag 2 Zero) set a new 50 mile competition record of 1.34.43 on A50/6. Average speed of 31.67 mph (50.97 km/h)

I was third in a pb of 1.39.36 (30.1 mph). Paula Mosely was fastest lady in 1:51:47. Female comp record is Julia Saw (1.46.46)

matt-bottril-bike-2Matt Bottril’s bike with lots of aero stuff.

Matt Bottril and BTTC

After finishing 2nd in the BTTC 2013 champs behind Alex Dowsett, Bottrill never hid the fact his main goal of the season was the BTTC champs in Wales last Thursday. Despite being on tremendous form and being well prepared, Bottrill was perhaps a little disappointed to finish 6th, 4 minutes behind a flying Bradley Wiggins. (Results at Velo UK)

It’s still an excellent result – there are many good pros who would struggle to finish 4 mins behind an on form Bradley Wiggins (4 minutes behind Wiggins would have been 17th in the 2012 Olympic time trial). Also a different course may have suited Bottrill more. When I spoke to Matt he was in philosophical mood, saying he made him realise how big the gap to the top pros was. Bottril said he was going up the climb in Wales at 475 watts, when Wiggins went past like a train. God knows what watts Wiggins was doing up there. (Also nice to see Wiggins regain his descending in the wet form.)


UCI rules

Given the hilly nature of the course, I was  disappointed to be engaged up in Yorkshire for the BTTC champs. I’d much rather be racing courses like the BTTC champs than dragstrips like the A50. However, hearing about the UCI mandarins and their incomprehensible 10 cm rules – which caused a lot of problems for the amateurs, did make me feel a little better for not being there. A love these 45 page UCI clarification of their rules, which makes everything as clear as mud. They say the next BTTC champs might be in Isle of Man – do I want to travel there, only to risk the UCI declaring the bike illegal?

50 mile record well deserved

The fastest postman in Britain

The 50 mile TT record is a great achievement for Matt Bottrill. A deserved reward for a few years of great effort and dedication.

There are some great names on the role of 50 mile TT comp record holders, not least:

  • Ian Cammish (1.39.52 – 1983 before tribars),
  • Graeme Obree (1.39.01 – 1993),
  • Michael Hutchinson (1.35.27 – 2008) and many more.





A 30 mph ride for 50 miles

Last year, I did a 1.41 on this course, but that included getting lost and perhaps losing a minute going wrong way. I always wondered if I could have done a 1.39 that day. There was unfinished business.

The A50 is always fast. But, today was a particularly good day. Very light wind, though a touch on the cold side (at least for skinny hill climbers) I set off at a fast speed and steady power and once you get on the dual carriageway you start flying along. The only problem is that you seem to have to come to a stop at every roundabout and then re-accelerate.

After 10 miles you start to ‘climb’ ‘concrete mountain’. It’s called concrete mountain by testers, though the hill climbers union will say any mountain you can cycle up at 29mph, isn’t really a mountain. Perhaps, one summer I will forsake British dragstrips and go and ride proper mountains in the Pyrannees. But, not just yet.


There are long drags on the course, but it doesn’t particularly feel like you are going up hill. It’s all fast. The turn comes around 20 miles, and you go down the long drag. If anything there was a mild headwind, so not as fast as last time I rode on here, but still chance to spin away at the 56*11. At 30 miles I had 58.55 on the clock, so I knew I had a good chance of a sub 1.40. But at 30 miles, you turn off the dual carriageway for about 8 miles of single carriageway to Rocester. This road is a bit slower and has been recently chipped. There were also an extra two roundabouts before the turn. I saved my biggest effort for this leg and did over 300 watts. In the last 10 miles, I struggled to keep the same effort, with power finally starting to dip. But, there was still enough to keep average speed above 30mph and I stopped the clock in 1.39.36. A 30mph ride for 50 miles. 5 consecutive 10s of 19.54. If that sounds fast it wasn’t quite as impressive as Matt Bottrill’s course record of 1.34.43 which is 5 consecutive 18s. Adam Topham looks strong favourite for BBAR competition with another impressive ride, covering the 50 miles in 1.38.27


I’ve got a good start to my first BBAR campaign – 30 mph for a 50, 28 mph for a 100. Just a 12 hour to grind out. The BBAR is not a competition for a specialist hill climber, but it’s still fun to ride for two hours at 30mph. But, that might be it for flat dragstrips for the year – pretty soon it will be time to get hill climb bike out!




1Matthew Bottrillwww.drag2zero.com3701:34:43
2Adam TophamHigh Wycombe CC4501:38:27
3Tejvan PettingerSri Chinmoy Cycling Team3701:39:36
4Joel WainmanTeam Swift4001:40:09
5Ian HolbrookStone Wheelers4501:41:32
6Paul GamlinNorthover Vets Team4201:42:05
7Steve IrwinKingston Wheelers CC4301:42:35
8John MorganPreston Wheelers3701:42:57
9Daniel Barnettwww.drag2zero.com4001:43:19
10Mark TurnbullTORQ Performance4101:43:21
11Ben McIntoshCrewe Clarion Whs1701:43:23
12Richard SpinkBristol South CC3701:43:24
13Ian CoxNorth Lancs RC4401:43:39
14David EllisMapperley CC4701:44:07
15Jon WynnNorthover VT Rudy Project4701:44:17
16David WatsonCoventry RC4401:44:24
17Barry CharltonSwinnerton Cycles4801:44:28
18Billy OliverRST Sport/Aero-Coach3301:44:32
19Neil SkellernTeam Swift5001:45:26
20Jason SeabridgeMercia CC4001:45:57
21Joe CostelloWalsalll RC5501:46:15
22Michael WestwellMapperley CC3401:46:19
23Matt StellRibble Valley CC3601:46:49
24Scott WestwoodWalsall Roads Cycling Club4201:46:52
25Dael SidwellLutterworth Cycle Centre RT4001:46:54
26Duncan MullierHarrogate Nova CC4401:47:22
27Paul EdwardsWalsall Roads Cycling Club3201:47:57
28Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club5001:48:05
29Ian KingVelo Club Long Eaton4801:48:45
30Matthew RowleyOxonian4601:48:46
31Mark SandersMid Devon CC5501:48:50
32Michael GarnerBirkehead North End CC3201:49:03
33Tim DaviesIcknield RC4601:49:21
34Michael WillsHinckley CRC5501:49:23
35Ross BartonNorth Notts Olympic RC3401:49:48
36Will BamberVC Norwich2901:50:00
37Paul HoldsworthHounslow & District Whs5001:50:22
38Phil BrownWalsalll RC6201:50:37
39Stephen HowgillLeicestershire RC5001:51:34
40Simon WixWorcester St Johns CC5101:51:49
41John DowlingHemel Hempstead CC5701:52:06
42David SpencerFibrax-Wrexham RC4101:52:09
43Randle ShentonTeam Swift5601:52:16
44Tony MayTMG Horizon Cycling Team5601:52:34
45Mark DonnellyBirkenhead North End CC3801:52:37
46Chris LeaBuxton CC4201:52:38
47Peter WrightRugby Racing CC4901:52:38
48Andy HornerBury Clarion5001:53:26
49David ThompsonScarborough Paragon CC4601:53:27
50Dave BatesSouth Pennine RC6601:53:49
51Peter LeonardSouthport CC6201:53:50
52Paul MapletoftKiveton Park CC5001:53:56
53Steven HollwoodKiveton Park CC5201:53:57
54Chris RT5201:54:11
55Tom CoxNorthover VT Rudy Project5901:54:19
56Roy FlanaganRossendale RC5701:54:29
57Peter LavineCoalvile Wheelers5901:54:39
58Martyn BowersStone Wheelers CC4301:54:53
59Antony StapletonChelmer CC4801:55:06
60David EvansWorcester St. Johns CC5701:55:16
61Stephen CookeLindsey Roads CC5101:56:36
62Roger WrennManchester Wheelers7001:56:56
63Gerry McGarrGloucester City CC6201:57:15
64Nick HallBury Clarion CC5201:57:22
65Neil AllonbyChronos RT4401:58:28
66Stephen I’AnsonBuxton CC5801:58:43
67Andrew HallidayWesterley Cycling Club4201:59:28
68Nick HansonSeacroft Wheelers4802:00:20
69Barrie WhittakerLyme Racing Club5702:02:38




My ride


Average power – 296 watts

  • Increasing power until 40 miles.
  • Biggest power (300watts for slowest part of course 28.8mph)


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  1. i think you’ve got to do the IOM event, there’s no two ways about it. it’s the old Mannin Veg and absolutely laden with cycling history, it’s also VERY hilly.

    Getting bike within UCI parameters isn’t that hard, you just have to shorten the extensions and watch the saddle tip. Most of it is common sense.

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