North Road Hardriders TT

The North Road Hardriders TT is a well established early season classic. It has been promoted by local clubs since 1939, with the North Road CC taking responsibility for promoting since 1955. Out of interest the North Road CC were established in founded in 1885 to ‘promote fast and long distance cycling on the Great North and other Roads’. 1885 is a long time ago, though the Hardriders TT is far removed from fast racing up the flat and traffic laden A1…


The Course

The course is a series of twists and turns, running on small roads north of Potters Bar, passing through villages like Essenden. The terrain is best described as ‘lumpy’ with several short sharp climbs. It is course best suited to a ‘puncheur’ – there’s no smooth long climbs, but a series of ups and downs. The first 15 miles, feels like a very slow rollercoaster, there are quite a few 90 degree turns and frequent dips and climbs. On the downhill you try to pick up as much speed as you dare – to carry you up the other side of the hill. It is the kind of course, where you can go from 45mph to 10mph on a regular basis.


There is a total of 563 m height gain over the 25 miles

Ideally, you would ride the course before hand to get used to the corners and know the course. I spent all week studying an OS Map 1:50,000, and just about managed to remember the course. However, the course was excellently marshalled with signs 200m before every turn and marshals pointing the right way. It’s always possible to get lost when racing, but it was signposted as well as you could  hope for.

The final thing about the course is that there can be a few tricky moments with horses on the roads and slow moving vehicles. You can’t expect a smooth run all the way around. After a hilly first 15 miles, the last 10 miles or so, are on smoother faster roads, without so much hills. It’s an opportunity to put it in the big ring and try and raise your average speed. I used TT bike, discwheel and Zipp 404.


I’ve been wanting to ride the North Road Hardriders event for the past 10 years. In fact, this is the fourth time I’ve entered, but have had to dns three times. I very rarely dns – but in late February, I’ve often been susceptible to winter injuries, niggles and colds. I only made a late decision to enter this year after another stop start winter, but feel glad to have finally made it around.



It was 3 degrees Celsius on arriving at the rather plush HQ. It presents a dilemma of how much clothes to wear. Some will say, man up – just ride a skinsuit – like in July. But, these people are rarely 190cm and 61kg. I chose to wear leg warmers, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks (+ hotpads). I wore the ASSOS skinfoil baselayer underneath the skinsuit, and this worked out pretty well – it is as warm as two or three normal undershirts. As it happened, it warmed up quite nicely during the race, and was a positively barmy 7 degrees by the finish. I think that dry, sunny and 5 degrees counts as excellent weather for the North Road Hardriders.


In a bid to keep warm before the start, I nearly missed my start. Usually, I’d be happy to wait by timekeeper for a few minutes, but this time I tried to cut it fine. In fact, it was very fine – 15 seconds to go by the time I got to the start, just enough time to fling off the last jacket. Then I was away. I’ve had a good month of training in February, but nothing which was like a proper race, so it’s always hard to know how to pace first event. I went quick up first climb and then tried to hold on. I occasionally looked at power, but you can’t really ride to power on an event like this. The last 10 miles, I could put out big effort and increased average speed and really flew up last few drags, so perhaps I held a little bit too much back on the hillier part of the course. But, overall it was a fairly decent pacing effort for the first outing of the season.

I stopped the clock in 58.49 – which was 4th place. The top two were riders from Pedal Heaven UCI continental team. 1st Lloyd Chapman 57.54 and Joe Fry, 58.02; 3rd place was last years winner ,Ashley Cox (Luton CC) 58.29. 1st women was Judy Conibear (Hemel Hempstead)

Fastest junior was Michael Parry (Welling Wheelers) and quickest veteran on standard was Roy Chamberlin (Corley Cycles).
  • Power for  race – 295 watts raw

Results 2016

1 Lloyd Chapman Pedal Heaven RT 00:57:54
2 Joe Fry Pedal Heaven RT 00:58:02
3 Ashley Cox CC Luton 00:58:29
4 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 00:58:49
5 Sebastian Dickson Thanet RC 00:59:38
6 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:59:57
7 George Fox Wellingborough Cycles Race Team 00:59:59
8 Rhys Howells Richardsons – Trek RT 01:00:00
9 Douglas Coleman CC Luton 01:00:16
10 John Mulvey Cambridge University CC 01:01:28
11 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC 01:01:58
12 Carl Ferri Cadence Performance 01:02:34
13 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles 01:02:51
14 James Fox CC Luton 01:03:25
15 Kristian Woolf King’s Cliffe Flyers 01:03:60
16 Matija Ilic Regents Park Rouleurs 01:04:20
17 Matthew Bond Kenton RC 01:04:22
18 Richard Golding Equipe Velo 01:04:25
19 Julian Elliott Finsbury Park CC 01:04:43
20 Tim Davies Icknield RC 01:05:21
21 James Leek Southgate CC 01:05:42
22 Christian Yates East Grinstead CC 01:06:10
23 Keith Stockwell Welwyn Whs 01:06:14
24 Andrew Digby Welwyn Whs 01:06:15
25 Jobe Usher North Road CC 01:06:26
26 Philip Eaves London Phoenix CC 01:06:31
27 Steve Torley Team Milton Keynes 01:06:35
28 Colin Bailey North Road CC 01:06:56
29 Michael Parry Welwyn Whs 01:07:21
30 Angus Fisk Oxford University CC 01:07:37
31 Phil Hersey Eagle Road Club 01:08:11
32 Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Whs 01:08:26
33 Andrew Ames Southgate CC 01:08:42
34 Tom Haines East London Velo 01:08:44
35 Jamie Dredge Regents Park Rouleurs 01:08:49
36 Frank Rawlins North Road CC 01:08:55
37 Joshua Vinden Hemel Hempstead CC 01:09:04
38 Gavin Lewis North Road CC 01:09:19
39 Simon Oxley Rapha Cycling Club 01:09:23
40 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes 01:09:39
41 Dominic Bray Finsbury Park CC 01:09:46
42 Anton Blackie Rapha Cycling Club 01:10:16
43 Michael Briars Finsbury Park CC 01:10:41
44 James Cocker VC Venta 01:10:41
45 Jeremy Greenwood Finsbury Park CC 01:11:06
46 Hugo Evans North Road CC 01:11:31
47 Paul Sexton VC Norwich 01:11:34
48 Andrew Jarratt Southgate CC 01:11:35
49 Andy Cook Chippenham & Dist. Whs 01:11:47
50 Desmond Gayler Kenton RC 01:11:52
51 Gregory Smith Finsbury Park CC 01:12:15
52 Andrew Burns Southgate CC 01:12:35
53 Jon Friend Bedfordshire Road RT 01:12:43
54 Iain Boardman Dulwich Paragon CC 01:12:45
55 Michael Atkinson North Road CC 01:13:28
56 Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC 01:13:37
57 Gary Kristensen MBE Kassei CC TeknoFuel 01:13:39
58 Gareth Davies London Phoenix CC 01:14:56
59 George Brisco CC London 01:15:11
60 Jody Conibear (1st W)
Hemel Hempstead CC 01:15:51
61 John Saysell North Road CC 01:17:12
62 Graham Irvine London Phoenix CC 01:17:15
63 Hayley Oates (2nd W) Hemel Hempstead CC 01:17:52
64 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC 01:18:15
65 Chris Jones Icknield RC 01:18:43
66 Jim Armshaw Islington CC 01:19:14
67 Rachael Cottier London Phoenix CC 01:19:31
68 David Ravenhill Newbury RC 01:19:54
69 Lauren Higham Welwyn Whs 01:22:14
70 Graham Ricketts Verulam CC 01:22:42
71 Joe Kiely Welwyn Whs 01:24:15
72 David Morgan Icknield RC 01:25:11
73 Robert Barrett High Wycombe CC 01:26:31
74 Christine Pout Verulam CC 01:26:36
75 Paul Riley Hitchin Nomads CC 01:27:11
76 Nigel Wilson Hitchin Nomads CC 01:27:49
77 Martin Webb Icknield RC 01:32:02

Phil Liggett – Fred Bidlake Memorial Prize


Just before the results, Phil Liggett was awarded  The Fred Bidlake Memorial Prize. This is an annual cycling prize  given to the most outstanding performance or contribution to cycling.

Phil sounded just like he does on TV, I half expect to see visions of the French Alps when I hear that soothing, reassuring voice.

Past winners of Fred Bidlake Memorial Prize include:

  • Frank Southall (1935)
  • Marguerite Wilson (1939)
  • Reg Harris (1947 and 1949)
  • Eileen Sheridan (1950)
  • Beryl Burton (1959, 1960, 1967)
  • Tom Simpson (1965)
  • Hugh Porter (1968)
  • Tony Doyle (1980)
  • Chris Boardman (1992)
  • Graeme Obree (1993)
  • Nicole Cooke (2001)

Previous winners of North Road Hardriders Events

The first rider under the hour was Chris Boardman

Prior to 1955 event promoted by Kingsdale C.C.
1955    R. Gosman    Barnet CC    1.19.37
1956 to 1958 promoted by Norion CC
1959    A. Howling    Castille RC    1.12.49
1960    I. Moore    Zeus RC    1.08.53
1961    J. Bornbas    Finsbury Park CC    1.12.14
1962    D. E. Meekins    Welwyn Wheelers    1.12.58
1963    T. Nimmo    Letchworth Velo    1.05.58    23 miles
1964    S. Lovatt    Century RC    1.10.58
1965    B. McKeown    Welwyn Wheelers    1.09.19
1966    B. McKeown    Welwyn Wheelers    1.08.15
1967    B. Lapworth    CC Islington    1.10.28
1968    J. Winstanley    Finsbury Park CC    1.08.23
1969    J. Winstanley    Finsbury Park CC    1.09.57
1970    C. Kearley    Whitewebbs CC    1.07.04
1971    J. MacMillan    West London Cour    1.05.56
1972    J. MacMillan    West London Cour    1.05.53
1973    R Cary    Whitewebbs CC    1.09.08
1974    D. Sheehy    Hainault CC    1.09.39
1975    S. Poulter    Highgate CC    1.11.58
1976    A. Engers    Woolwich CC    1.08.34
1977    R.J Downs    VC Olympia    1.06.42
1978    R.J Downs    Anglia Sport    1.08.28
1979    S. Yates    Archer RC    1.06.46
1980    T. Stevens    34 Nomads    1.03.45
1981    R. Cary    Professional    1.10.47
1982    M. D. Pyne    CC Breckland    1.02.03
1983    D. J. Webster    Manchester Wheelers    1.01.39
1984    D. J. Webster    Manchester Wheelers    1.00.38
1985    D. J. Webster    Manchester Wheelers    1.02.56
1986    D. J. Webster    Manchester Wheelers    1.02.46
1987    D. J. Webster    Manchester Wheelers    1.00.29
1988    E. J. Adkins    High Wycombe CC    1.04.31
1989    J. Walshaw    Professional    1.03.00
1990    T. M. Jackson    Invicta RC    1.02.14
1991    C. M Boardman    Manchester Wheelers    0.57.20
1992    R. J. Prebble    Wembley RC    0.59.08
1993    No event.
1994    S. Dangerfield    North Wirral Velo    0.58.00
1995    G. Butler    Norwood Paragon CC    1.00.00
1996    G. Butler    Norwood Paragon CC    0.58.32    short course
1997    S.Yates    Team Clean    0.58.44
1998    M Belfield    GS Strada    1.00.20
1999    G. Butler    Norwood Paragon CC    1.05.25    28.2 miles
2000    C. Newton    Midridge CRT    1.01.57
2001    No event.
2002    J. Ramsbottom    Race Scene    1.04.41    27.4 miles
2003    C.Newton    Corima RT    0.51.03    22.2 miles
2004    No event.
2005    M. Huchinson    Api-Metrow    0.54.23    23.0 miles
2006    M. Huchinson    in-Gear Quickvit RT    0.59.14
2007    R. Prebble    Pinarello RT    0.59.45
2008    J. Ramsbottom    DeRosa RT    0.42.55    18.0 miles
2009    S. Gaywood    Team Corley Cycles    0.58.36
2010    M. Bottrill    0.59.30
2011    W. Sybrandy    Sigma Sport    0.42.22    18.0 miles
2012   Wouter Sybrandy IG Sigma Sport 56:36 Course record and 25 mile event record.
2013  Joe Perrett (Team IG-Sigma Sport) (22 miles) in a time of 49.21
2014   Ashley Cox CC Luton CC 00:56:47
2015  Ashley Cox CC Luton CC
2016  Lloyd Chapman Pedal Heaven CC

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3 Responses to North Road Hardriders TT

  1. Daniel Ryan February 28, 2016 at 3:31 pm #

    Congratulations Tejvan. That is a brilliant result considering it is your first race of the Year. I saw you blasting up the final hill on the course. It was insane how fast you were going!

  2. Matthew Bond February 28, 2016 at 10:34 pm #

    Definitely hear you on the “interruptions”, i had a horse, a learner driver and two haha – you did a cracking ride mate!

  3. Warren Cobb March 7, 2016 at 1:09 pm #

    No ‘smooth long climbs’ ?? Does Essenden not count then? :/

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