Beeley Moor Hill Climb

Beeley Moor is a good 2.3 mile climb up from the village of Beeley to the top of the moors, near Chesterfield. It was the first time I had entered the Chesterfield Couriers event, despite it being the type of hill that generally suits me.


The problem with this time of the year is that there is a feast of great hill climbs, squashed into a small October window. It is always a difficult choice between doing climbs like Burrington Combe Down in Bristol or heading north for climbs like Cragg Vale and Beeley Moor. I’ve never even got around to riding the double header at Matlock, which is on the same weekend. I did once ride Bank road in the 2008 National championships, but Riber is more up my street, 3 minutes of very steep gradient and twisty hairpins. I have to tick it off the list sometime, but, unfortunately not this year.

Some riders deal with this dilemma just by riding several hill climbs on the same day. Nicola Soden and Matt Clinton rushed off after the event to ride Bank road. And I believe Dave Archer of the Bolsover & District CC managed to do all 3 hills climbs in the space of about 4 hours; that’s impressive devotion to the cause of hill climbing.  But, as much as I love hill climbs, you can have too much of a good thing. There is a vague idea of tapering around this time of the season. After the race, I certainly wasn’t going to go for a 50 mile warm down ride, which I might get away with earlier in September.


Beeley Moor seemed a good choice because it’s quite similar in length to the national next week. There was also a very good prize list helped by several generous sponsors. It’s been a good hill climb season, with entries generally on the up. I think 70 entries for Chesterfield Couriers was the highest for quite a while.

Beeley Moor

  • Length: 2.3 miles
  • Average gradient: 6%
  • Max gradient: 10%
  • elevation gain: 722 ft

Whilst Beeley Moor may be similar in length to the Stang, it’s quite a different proposition. Whilst the Stang is all over the place, with steep gradients and downhill sections. Beeley Moor is much more of a steady gradient. Slightly steeper at the bottom, it only gentle levels off towards the top. I guess, you could easily do it with a fixed gear. But, I didn’t see many around. I arrived at the top of the hill, with enough time to descend and get one practise run in before the first starters got under way. It’s a pretty steady 6% most of the way up. If you have to go up a hill 6% is about as popular gradient as it gets for most cyclists.

After getting a feel for the hill, I then warmed up on my rollers at the top of the hill. From the vantage point of my rollers, I was able to watch the early starters make their last desperate efforts across the finish line, cheered on by a growing collection of spectators. It was quite an entertaining way to warm up. Beats looking at a wall in a car park.

The only problem with warming up at the top, is that you have to descend and hope you don’t puncture on the way. At the bottom, I deposited lots of clothes and got ready to go. I set off pretty hard, hoping to get into a good rhythm early on. It felt good, and I knew I was on a good ride. Chesterfield CC left out plenty of signs and a helpful 1km to go and later 200 meters to go. This is an excellent idea for a hill climb; I have done a few in the past, where I was not entirely sure where the finish was. The last 1km is flatter, though a stiff crosswind took the edge off the final speed. I finished in a time of 8.35, which was good enough for first place. Matt Clinton was 2nd with 8.51. And 3rd was fellow rider, Jack O’Neill  09:44 (Jack is still a junior, and definitely one to watch out for in the future).

The ever reliable Buxton CC won the team event. The women’s section was hotly contested with Lou Collins (Beeston RC)  edging out Nicola Soden and former winner Alex Deck RST Racing Team. Fastest Vet was Simon Warren fresh from riding 100 of the greatest Tour de France climbs that’s summer.  – That’s another real devotion to hill climbing. Look forward to reading the book.

8.35 was the 2nd quickest time on Beeley Moor. Only beaten by Gunnar Gronlund’s course record of 8.23 a week before he won the 2011 national title, perhaps there’s a favourable omen in there somewhere. People said conditions were more favourable in 2011 with a strong tailwind, so it was a good time for 2013. Martin Smith Opticians of Lincoln put up £100 on offer for breaking the course record. It was a close shave.

I received a good prize for first place, and a pair of Rudy Project glasses.

Thanks to Chris Myhill and the Chesterfield team for putting on a good event. Next year is the 20th edition of the hill climb, and it will be tempting to come back and try and see if course record can be within reach.

Thanks to local sponsors Polaris, JE James Cycles, Décor Improvements, Columbian Caravans and Igloo Cycles



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Results 2013 hill climb


Name Club Cat Age Time
Mr Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team S 36 08:34.0
Mr Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles S 28 08:51.8
Mr Jack O’Neill Mike Vaughan Cycles J 18 09:44.7
Mr Ashley Proctor Sheffrec CC S 19 09:50.1
Mr Patrick Smart Matlock CC J 17 09:52.0
Mr Chris Baines Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles S 20 09:55.9
Mr Dave Archer Bolsover & District CC S 31 09:56.5
Mr Sam Clark Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles S 33 10:15.8
Mr Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC V 40 10:16.0
Mr Stephen Price Derby Mercury RC S 32 10:21.9
Mr Andy Nichols Neon Velo S 23 10:24.0
Mr Stewart Gregory Nottingham Clarion CC V 48 10:28.3
Mr Stephen Heading Matlock CC V 45 10:41.3
Mr Alain Gordon-Seymar Rutland CC S 38 10:46.4
Mr Neil Bentley Sheffrec CC V 44 10:57.8
Mr Rupert Pearson Rutland CC V 40 10:59.0
Mr Danny Featherstone Bolsover & District CC S 25 11:01.5
Mr Martin Smith Chesterfield Coureurs CC S 33 11:05.4
Mr Daniel Kubon Birdwell Whs S 29 11:06.7
Mr Stuart Baker Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles S 23 11:09.3
Mr Sam Mansfield Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles J 18 11:34.7
Mr Dominic Watts Sheffield Sports CC V 44 11:34.7
Miss Lou Collins Beeston RC L 32 11:34.8
Mr Matt Williams Fusion CC Dronfield V 43 11:36.6
Mr Stewart Bates TFN Triathlon Club S 37 11:40.8
Mr Eamonn Cox Sheffield Sports CC V+ 50 11:42.1
Mr Martin Rigby Mansfield Road Club V 41 11:50.5
Mr Mark Plowright Beeston RC V 42 11:51.0
Mr Daniel Gee Ashfield RC S 38 11:51.1
Mr Sam Smith Sheffield Sports CC Juv 15 11:52.1
Mr Aiden Brown Mapperley CC S 23 11:55.8
Miss Nicola Soden Champion System -Maxgear RT L 26 11:59.3
Mr Shue Fan Clay Cross RT S 32 11:59.6
Mr Jonathan Baines Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles S 22 12:01.1
Mr Andrew Cutts Birdwell Wheelers S 19 12:03.4
Miss Alex Deck RST Racing Team LV 46 12:08.9
Mr Sidney Wilson Derby Mercury J 16 12:10.1
Mr Richard Bramhall Fusion CC Dronfield S 36 12:16.5
Mr Kevin Smith Mapperley CC V 49 12:21.3
Mr Simon Baines Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles V+ 53 12:58.1
Mr Simon Foster Chesterfield Coureurs CC V 42 13:02.9
Mr Nicholas Burton Newark Castle C C S 38 13:03.8
Mr Barry Parker RVO Racing S 35 13:25.1
Mr Paul Heggie Birdwell Whs V+ 60 13:31.2
Mrs Nicola Holloway Whirlow Whs L 29 13:32.9
Mr David Percival Team Swift S 37 13:43.1
Mrs Verity Butler Sherwood CC LV 41 13:54.8
Mr Ken Roberts Garstang CC V+ 64 14:08.2
Ms Karen Brooks Lincoln Wheelers CC LV 54 14:08.8
Mr Josh Eaton Matlock CC S 19 16:06.1
Mrs Megan Cook Chesterfield Coureurs CC LV 43 21:44.8
Mr Carl Sawyer Kiveton Park CC V 46 DNF
Miss Melanie Armstrong Shutt Velo Rapide L 31 DNS
Mr Mike Birkby Rutland CC S 37 DNS
Mr Martin Ford Herbalife-Leisure Lakes S 39 DNS
Mr Jamie Raven Rutland CC S 21 DNS
Mr Dan Ogden Shutt Velo Rapide S 39 DNS
Mr Michael Wilkinson North Notts Olympic RC V+ 54 DNS
Mr Mike Adams Mapperley CC V 44 DNS (A)
Mr Robert Ricketts University of Sheffield CC S 22 DNS (A)
Mr Joseph Drane University of Sheffield CC S 20 DNS (A)
Mr Daniel Chaib Sharrow CC J 16 DNS (A)
Mrs Karen Ledger RT LV 41 DNS (A)
Mr Xavier Scott Bolsover & District CC S 27 DNS (A)
Mrs Jane Shields Fusion CC Dronfield LV 53 DNS (A)
Mr Chris Ledger RT V+ 51 DNS (A)
Mr Nick Decker Congleton CC S 31 DNS (A)
Mr Andrew Hicklin Fusion CC Dronfield V 47 DNS (A)
Mr Oliver Humphreys Shutt Velo Rapide S 36 DNS (A)
Mr Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC S 28 DNS (A)

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7 Responses to Beeley Moor Hill Climb

  1. paul heggie October 20, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    you looked nice and smooth as you passed me about half way up ! My money is on you next week 🙂

  2. sm October 20, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    Congrats again Tejvan and good luck for next week. I’ve been keeping an eye on the hill climbing season this year and you seem to be in great shape. Wish I could watch next week. Full beans me lad!

    PS: where do you find the listings for all of the hill climbs. Next year maybe… !

  3. Oranj October 22, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    Hey Tejvan, good luck for next Sunday. I have my own personal battle with the gradients of the Dartmoor Devil that day but ‘ll be thinking of you. Take it easy this week, you’ve done the hard work. Remember, Form = Fitness + Freshness. You’ve worked for the the first, just need to rest for the second now.

  4. Supermurph October 25, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    Dave Archer also did a Cyclocross race on the Saturday!

  5. geoff October 27, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Congratulations Tejvan on your Championship victory earlier today.
    Well deserved and been threating this victory for a few years all the hard work and training finally paid off.
    Unfortuantely wasnt there but saw you last week on Beeley Moor where you where absolutely awesome.


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