Scenic views – more touring than training


The road to Burnsall.

I’ve found a new feature on my camera which takes panorama shots (click to enlarge). It’s also that time of the year, where I’m in the mood for being a touring cyclist rather than cycle-racer.


The weather is great, but the Yorkshire Dales roads are much busier now it’s the summer holidays. I remember why I like riding in spring and autumn so much now.


The road to Langbar. Be careful of sheep.


Panorama of Langbar.


Panorama 2.


The road over Langbar.


I had a letter to post, so I thought I would stop at the first letterbox by the side of the road. I ended up cycling 15 miles to Woodstock before a letterbox appeared. It was a rather well maintained letterbox.


Lower Wharfedale.tree-field-sky-clouds

One of those days when I was in the mood for stopping and taking photos rather than concentrating on cycling.wharfedale

I could quite see myself as a cycle tourist, panniers, fat tyres and rolling around the countryside. Not sure about growing a beard though.wild-flowers-road

Intrigued by the wildflowers by the side of the road. Again a sign of the tourist nature dominating. Usually when cycling I don’t notice these things.


A few weeks earlier. Wharfedale looking towards Barden Tower. barden-bridge-wharfedale-yorkshire

Barden Bridgeview-from-A59-backroads

North of A59


I went up  Hainworth Lane cobbles a few weeks ago. Can’t say I enjoyed it!


A typical view from the steep hills of West Yorkshire.view-above-hebden-bridge-2

Looking towards Hebden Bridgeview-above-hebden-bridge

Calderdale is an area which has grown on me. Densely populated, and roads often busy, but still great views.

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