Links and videos on Nat hill climb

Back in November, Cycling Weekly did a feature about my background on cycling. They kindly agreed to making it available as a pdf.


Also, another interview I did in November, was with Richard Lofthouse from Oxford Today – the magazine of Oxford University.

I enjoyed that interview, Richard is a keen cyclist himself. It reminded me of my time riding with Oxford University Cycling Club. I only did one or two races in those days, though I was once club secretary and knew Jim Henderson who was winning hill climb titles even as a member of OUCC.

One thing about Oxford University is that after finishing finals, my first job was working as a gardener at my own college. I later became a part time economics teacher. I think if I’d got a better paid job in the city, I would never have made a successful amateur cyclist. My friends had very long hours, which leave precious little time for training.

Also, the RTTC made a video of the 2013 championship.

photo top: Bhima Bowden from his time release camera.


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