Legs of jelly

I’ve still some trouble with hip muscle, which has meant not starting Reading CC hill climb this weekend on Streatley and Goring Hill. I can still ride a bike, but it’s holding me back sufficiently to stop hill climb races; hill climbs are hard enough when you’re fully fit.


I tried to do a half-hearted hill interval the other day, and felt I had legs of jelly. It’s a long time, since I’ve felt so little power in the legs. I’m optimistic it might be on the mend, but the hill climb season can come and go – and before you know it the clocks go back and its all over. If I can get fit, it will be interesting to see the impact of 6-8 weeks of not training.

In 2014, when I was coached by Gordon Wright, he seemed to observe how little difference two months of training did to an improvement in my performance. I don’t know whether it works the other way, but it feels a long way to climb back up.

Why do you always get injured when the weather is unusually good? I’m sure when the Autumn rain, wind and cold comes I will be fighting fit.

With a bit more time on my hands I’ve been reading a book “Feet in the CloudsA tale of fell running and obsession by Richard Askwith. I may review because, although not cycling, there seems considerable overlap with amateur cycling.

I’ve also written a post at Sri Chinmoy Races – Experiences of self-transcendence. A look at my previous sporting endeavours such as winning the 4 mile Menston Village Fun Run (under 7 category). I left out the fact I was once awarded “Menston Cricket Club under-13 fielder of the year”. But you don’t want to boast too much about these top-level sporting achievements.

4 thoughts on “Legs of jelly”

  1. Sorry to hear you won’t be there, was looking forward to an all-LMH battle. Hope your off-period continues to be productive and not too frustrating.

  2. Tejvan, I feel your pain/frustration. Although I’m nowhere near your level, I did my first hill climbs last year at Exeter and Burrington Combe, really enjoyed them, so planned to do a few this year. Have been doing plenty of intervals and hill work building up to Exeter and Porlock this weekend, but had a crash on Wednesday (hit a pothole that I’ve ridden past 100 times – doh!!) and landed heavily on the right side of my back. Having to rest and don’t think I’ll be back on the bike for a few more days – hard efforts may be a couple of weeks away, so am probably going to have to pull out of both races, although I’ll be there to watch. Hoping I may be able to get ready for Hinton Hill or at least, Burrington Combe, but so frustrated. Hope you’re back to full fitness soon


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