Porlock Hill – 25% version

Porlock – The hard way – A39

  • Distance – 1.6 miles
  • Average gradient – 12%
  • Max Gradient – 25%
  • Height at start – 140ft
  • Height at top – 1,138ft
  • height gain – 998ft / 304 metres
  • 100 climbs #5


View from the top of Porlock A road. It is a really tough climb, with 25% hairpins at the bottom, taking you out of the village of Porlock. After this very hard 1st mile, the gradient mercifully eases off, but it’s still a long drag to the top. It is a really tough climb.


Porlock up the A39 is probably the hardest and steepest A road in England. It is a really testing climb. Very steep from the bottom, then a long way to the top. I rode up the hard way after the race up the toll road. It’s a real toughie, especially at at the start and then there is still a long way to go.

It is worth visiting this area as there are quite a few climbs in the vicinity such as Dunkery Beacon and Countisbury Hill