Kona Dr Good Review

The Kona Dr Good is a low maintenance 7-speed hybrid bike for easy use around town and beyond.

Main features

  • 7 speed internal hub gear system.
  • Single chain ring at front
  • Shimano Front disc brake
  • Shimano Rear roller brake.
  • Frame: Kona 7005 Aluminium Butted
  • Fork: Kona Project Two Aluminum
  • Swept back handlebars for relaxed riding position.


It looks good, though it does remind me of the prolific mass produced mountain bikes we frequently see on the streets It’s part MTB, part cruiser, part hybrid. But, it still has a certain style and careful finishing.

The model is available in different handlebars swept back or straight.

Ride Quality

The Kona Dr Good is designed for a quick set up and low maintenance. The hub gears are easy to use and will need very little maintenance. Hub gears add an extra pound of weight, but you get advantages such as being able to switch gears even when stationary. The brakes are excellent, a combination of front disc and rear roller brake. Though the rear roller brake did seem to need more hand pressure than standard rim brakes. The riding position is relaxed. The top tube is markedly downward sloping; There is also a pretty large headtube, which makes for quite a relaxed position.

Though it is quite different to what I’m used to, you soon get used to the riding position and find it easy to cycle around town.

The shape of the handlebars is a little unorthodox. They are swept back a little, though not much as a classic Dutch style cruiser bike. It is easy to ride around town, though I would have preferred straight handlebars as you get more sense of responsiveness to the steering.

Overall, the ride feels quite effortless, compared to a single speed, the hub gear adds extra weight. But, 7 gears gives you as much flexibility as you would want cycling around a city like London.

There is also a good choice of frame sizes C46, C49, C53, C56, C59, C61cm  which means everyone will be able to find a suitable size bike, something cruiser / hybrid bikes don’t always offer.


Quite a lot of wires at the front of the bike looks pretty neat, with silver chain, nice paint job and internal hub gears.

Tyres are Continental City 700*32. These won’t need upgrading and offer good puncture resistance, which is good because they don’t have quick release wheels (which may be an advantage in not getting a wheel stolen.)

There is room for fitting panniers and mudguards, if you want to make the ultimate commuting.


On the one hand, it struggles to decide what it really is. Part cruiser, part hybrid, part mountain bike feel. You may be put off by this attempt to be a bit of everything. But, another way of looking at it is to enjoy the unusual mixture of parts and design. It is a good bike to ride. If you are looking for a simple bike to get around town, this will fit the bill. The specifications are pretty good and for the money offers pretty good value for money.

Main Competitors

  • Kona Dr Dew. This offers a more sporty version upgrade of Kona Dr Good. It uses the standard dérailleur system to offer 27 gears. It has Shimano hydraulic brakes for even more powerful brakes.
  • Trek Valencia. Trek offers an extensive range of hybrid bikes. The Valencia has similar aluminium frame but more gears and straight handlebars. It is more typical than the Kona which proves more distinctive than the Trek.
  • Giant XTC N7 also with Nexus 7 hub