Boars Hill Oxford

View from top of Boars hill

Foxcombe hill – just hill

I often do some short hill climb intervals on Foxcombe hill (I call it Boars Hill). It’s not very steep, but you can do a good 2-3 minute effort.

The main Boars hill road is good surface and you can concentrate on big effort.

Old Boars hill I’m not so keen for intervals. The road surface is bumpy, the road is narrow – if a car comes opposite direction it is awkward. Also there are two sharp corners at start and end, so it is hard to get uninterupted interval.

I often like Boars hill because the wind often comes from the south west, so you get a bit of a climb.

The first 800 metres are barely uphill, but then it steadily increases to 9% by 1.3 km. The trick is to build up good speed on the lower slopes and try to hold on. It is a good climb for the big ring, if you are in good shape.

Foxcombe longer

Old Boars hill