Cycling World hour record – combined forces and age 100+

2014 seems to be a big year for the Cycling World Hour Record. The top 3 professional timetriallists – Fabian Cancellara, Tony Martin and Bradley Wiggins have all expressed an interest in the iconic record that has languished since the great battles between Boardman, Indurain, Rominger and Obree in the 1990s. The world hour record is currently held by the relatively unknown Ondřej Sosenka, he did 49.700 km 2005. (He later failed two dope tests, putting into doubt the validity of his record). It will be good to see a top time triallist finally go for the record (which despite UCI meddling, remains by far the most iconic cycling record.)

Away from the professional world, there have been two recent successful attempts at different categories and variations of the hour record.

Firstly, up is local time triallist, RAF engineer Justyn Cannon. Cannon successfully rode 47.220km on a track in Newport, 3rd Feb 2013. A very good distance for early February and for a rider who has done very little work on the track. It’s particularly interesting for me, because I often race against Justyn Cannon and we are often pretty close in local time trials.


But, there is something special about the Hour record. It is (by all accounts) a particularly testing event. Eddy Merckx couldn’t walk after his effort in 1974, and said it was hardest ride of his career. Cannon said

“That was horrible, absolutely horrible. It just messes with your mind.”

“Lap number one is horrible, as you’re stressed about getting on schedule. Then each lap after that is horrible.”

It must be a great feeling to actually put the kms on the board and beat the old Combined forces  record of 46.5. It seems Justyn was training very hard over Christmas. “I train three times a day, including doing two hours on Christmas Day.” !

Good article at BBC here

All or nothing

One thing about the World Hour record is that it must feel an all or nothing achievement. You either break the record or you don’t. You can prepare for months, but it all comes down to whether you can break it. Even attempting the record takes courage.

World hour record for 100+ age category

Recently Robert Marchand, a 102-year old rider from France, beat his own hour record on the newly opened cycling track in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines on Friday. Marchand set a new hour record for the UCI 100-plus category which was created especially for Marchand. The record now stands at 26 kilometers and 927 metres.

Not bad for a 102 year old!

Cycling World Hour record

Nationality Location Date
26.508 (1) Frank Dodds British Cambridge Univ 25 Mar 1876
Henri Desgrange
French Paris 11 May 1893
Jules Dubois
French Paris 31 Oct 1894
Marcel Van Danish Eynde
Belgian Paris 30 July 1897
Willie Hamilton
USA Danishver 3 July 1898
Lucien Petit-Breton
French Paris 24 Aug 1905
Marcel Berthet
French Paris 20 June 1907
Oscar Egg
Swiss Paris 22 Aug 1912
42.306 (2)
Richard Weise
WDL Berlin
Marcel Berthet
French Paris 7 Aug 1913
Oscar Egg
Swiss Paris 21 Aug 1913
Marcel Berthet
French Paris 20 Sep 1913
Oscar Egg
Swiss Paris 18 Aug 1914
Jan Van Hout
NED Roermond 25 Aug 1933
Maurice Richard
French St. Truiden 28 Sep 1933
Giuseppe Olmo
ITA Milan 31 Oct 1935
Maurice Richard
French Milan 14 Oct 1936
Frenchns Slaats
NED Milan 29 Sep 1937
Maurice Archambaud
French Milan 3 Nov 1937
Fausto Coppi
Italian Milan 7 Nov 1942
Jacques Anquetil
French Milan 29 June 1956
Ercole Baldini
Italian Milan 19 Sep 1956
Roger Riviere
French Milan 18 Sep 1957
Roger Riviere
French Milan 23 Sep 1959
47.493 (3)
Jaques Anquetil
French Milan  Oct 1967
Ferdinand Bracke
Belgian Rome 30 Oct 1967
Ole Ritter
Danish Mexico City 10 Oct 1968
Eddy Merckx
Belgian Mexico City 25 Oct 1972
Francesco Moser
Italian Mexico City  19 Jan 1984
Francesco Moser
Italian Mexico City 23 Jan1984
Graeme Obree
British Hamar 17 July 1993
Chris Boardman
British Bordeaux 23 July 1993
Graeme Obree
British Bordeaux 27 April 1994
Miguel Indurain
Spanish Bordeaux 2 Sep 1994
Tony Rominger
Swiss Bordeaux 22 Oct 1994
Tony Rominger
Swiss Bordeaux 5 Nov 1994
Chris Boardman
British Manchester 6 Sep 1996

(1) This is considered an ‘unofficial’ record and does not show up in all accounts. Frank Dodds set this record on a penny farthing.

(2) Unofficial record, track not measured properly

(3) Not counted as official record, Anquetil did not show up for drugs test.

UCI Athlete’s world hour record since 2000

  • Eddy Merckx 49.431 (1972)
  • Chris Boardman, Manchester, (2000), 49.441 km
  • Ondrej Sosenka, Moscow, (2005) 49.700 km


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