Anti-gravity specialists

When I reviewed Corinthian Endeavour last week, it wasn’t quite officially published, so just in case you weren’t able to buy, it is now properly available at:

or if you prefer to support, law abiding, tax-paying, bricks and mortar proper shops, you can order through:

It’s currently the flat time trialling season. 100 miles with nothing more than 100 feet of climbing for four hours work. It has it’s own charm and attraction, but I think the hill climb season gives more photogenic opportunities than bashing up and down the A14.

So I’ll take this as opportunity to post some random photos of anti-gravity specialists.


Jackson Bridge. Photo Alan Jones



Challacombe Devon, Nat HC 1985

From Corinthian Endeavour Facebook page

granville sydney

Granville Sydney. Six times winner.

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  1. Simon Bromfield June 25, 2015 at 7:29 pm #

    Thanks for the review Tejvan,I received my copy today through amazon.


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