Rest and be Thankful

  • Location: Lachgoilhead, Scotland, near Loch Lomond
  • Other names: B828
  • Distance: 2.6 miles
  • Average gradient: 6 %
  • Maximum gradient: 15%
  • Height gain: 255 m
  • KOM time: 11.06 – 14.1mph
  • 100 climbs: #68
  • Strava

Photo Mike 138

Rest and be Thankful is a climb in Western Scotland, not too far from Loch Lomond. It is steady for the first mile, and then gradually increases in steepness giving a ski jump profile. But, although it is a testing climb, it never gets really steep, perhaps hiting 15% for a short time, but mostly averaging 10% for the last mile or so. The climb joins the A83 road. It is at the junction between the B828 and A83 where there is a sign with the words ‘REST & BE THANKFUL’ inscribed on a stone, by the soldiers who built the military road in 1753.




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